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Content marketing puts the world in your hands

Use content marketing to your advantage when you are see your customers as human beings and not just dollar signs for your bottom line. Content marketing requires that we listen to our customers and respond to their needs in real time.  When we provide solutions to our customers pain points via our content marketing drive we are mobilising our business and gaining a foothold in the thriving online and social media marketplace.

What is content marketing? Content marketing is the creation, publication, and distribution of articles, press releases, images, and video to attract and acquire a target audience.

Every business needs marketing, whether it is a start-up IT company or a tyre manufacturing business. Most of us are already using marketing strategies in some form or another through distribution of our marketing materials, our sales pitch, website and application of a database.

All content marketing requires of you, is that you create something your customers want to read and then share it with them online. Your content needs to be informational, interesting and fulfils a customer’s needs regarding a product or service.

Set aside a little time every day and follow these 5 simple steps below, and in no time at all you will be managing your own online marketing strategy like a pro.

  1. Choose a topic and write about it. The topic must be something you customers care about whether a service, a product, the industry itself, a current trend or a running issue being faced in the market. You might want to start with some commonly asked questions from your customers.
  2. Write a catchy headline – use numbers such as ‘10 top tips’ and give the readers a hint of what the article is about. Answer questions such as who, what, why, when or how. Add an interesting adjective.
  3. Create a calendar around the high and low sales or seasonal calendar months of the year. For example if you are a retail store, prior to Father’s day you might write an article such as ‘5 Must have Toys for Boys’.
  4. Ask for help or delegate the task to someone else if writing is not one of your strengths. You may end up damaging your brand if the writing doesn’t look and sound professional and is hard to understand.
  5. Share it. Create a strategy of where and when to promote your content using social media, a blog on your website, email marketing and E-newsletters out to your database.

By providing regular updates, news, information and interesting facts about your product and service, you will be positioning yourself as an expert in the field, building your brand and providing more engagement with your current and prospective market.

Today’s consumer is always switched on. This is the experience generation and consumers is constantly connected to and surfing the web for products, reviews, prices, alternatives and comparisons. This is why you need to make your presence known with relevant, well-written content marketing.  The beauty of content marketing is that unlike the print medium, it is considerably cheaper to publish your content, it reaches a wider market and it never goes out of date.

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