Are you stuck in a pattern of Scarcity Consciousness or are you ready to move into the flow of Life’s free abundance?

Either way, you get to Choose…

You are only as ‘wealthy’ as you allow yourself to be. This is because the concept of scarcity – or the concept of abundance – is simply the current state of your heart and mind dictating your relationship to the ebb and flow of the exchange of currency.

How much you worry about not having ‘enough’ is directly related to how much abundance is lacking in your life and the degree to which you are blocking its flow towards you. Just as you think and feel your own shortage however, so can you think and feel your way out of your limiting thoughts and back into owning wealth and living an abundant life once again.

You hold the power to decide; the flow of wealth energy rests in your hands alone.

This is true for anything else that keeps showing up in your life or that you are feeling a lack of, whether it is a relationship with a loving/unloving partner, your talents and abilities in business, or your thoughts about your own self-worth.

Scarcity is an energy field we carry around with us, fed and energised by our fears.  Not only does it act as a shield for abundance to enter our lives, it also affects us at a physical level. This is because the toxic currency of negative thoughts and the stress associated with judgements of not having enough sets in motion a physical reaction in the body; keeping us in constant fight or flight mode, and effecting us both at a subconscious and cellular level of health.

How can you tell if you are stuck in scarcity consciousness?

You are always talking about how deprived or unfortunate you are. You never have enough money to do the things you would like to do. You are constantly worrying about how you are going to afford the rent/car/food or other commitments at the end of the month. You complain you are ‘sick and tired of being broke’.

You are always putting things off that you could do today. You are waiting for the right time or series of events to happen before you believe it is the ‘right time’ to feel, be or do something.  ‘When I have X amount of money in the bank I will retire/go live in my dream beach house/be happy’. ‘My history paper is only due in two days’ time, I’ll do it tomorrow.’ ‘ I’m meant to meet Joe Bloggs today but it can wait until next week’.

You make decisions based on fear of loss. This could be as extreme as being a hoarder or simply holding onto things with a grasping sense of ownership.  Perhaps you tend to borrow things and not return them based on thoughts such as ‘I need it more than they do’ and ‘they can afford it, they won’t even notice/miss it’.

You are easily wooed by get rich quick schemes or the promise of gambling or winning big on the Lotto, with thoughts of ‘when I win the Lotto, I will be happy/etc…’  You spend your time focussing on getting easy money without doing the work required to get it based on your own ideas, talents, skills and efforts.

You have an innate fear of failure that dictates every opportunity presented to you. You will always ‘see’ the negative aspect or identify an inherent risk. ‘John offered me a job, but it is too far to travel, I can’t make any money if I’m dishing out so much on fuel.’ ‘I’m a qualified xx, I can’t be seen doing such menial work.’

You have a lack of staying power or persistence in going for and getting what you want. You may have great ideas but instead of staying the course, you give up quickly in order to try something new/better/quicker; creating a cycle of never being able to realise your own success. ‘I tried that but it didn’t work’ becomes your own self-serving  prophecy.

How to shift out of poverty consciousness:
Money is simply an energy exchange. Our thoughts about it represent how much love we are willing to give and receive in the flow of life. If you are stuck in scarcity consciousness, you simply need to re-examine your thoughts about money and stop giving away your power through your negative thoughts and the emotions surrounding it. You are locked in the prison of your own making; you have the keys to let yourself out. Ask what sort of energy exchange are you choosing with which to engage with life?

A pattern of Beliefs, Thoughts, Words and Action
Poverty consciousness stems from your beliefs about yourself and the world. A belief is merely your thoughts about life – whether they are kind or not – which you have gathered along your path.

We collect beliefs from our cultural influences, our family dynamics, and what we observe out in the world which is then formed, fixed and further reinforced when we experience our own life challenges as adults.

In the process, we gather a certain amount of bias and judgements not only against others but against ourselves too. These collect and cycle in our minds and before long; our habitual thinking has become a belief. It becomes a concept we lock onto and are prepared to defend, without even considering how we might have got there and if it is really true about us right now.

Since scarcity is a state of heart and mind, what you focus on is what you are creating out in the world. If you are always saying, “I am sick and tired of being broke”, that is what you are continuing to manifest in your life.

So how do you get off the hamster wheel of scarcity consciousness thinking?

Ask yourself:
Where do I feel a lack in my life?
What don’t I have enough of?
What are my current beliefs about my financial situation?
What words do I most often hear myself saying about money?
Where/when did I first hear it/start believing that?
Is it true for me today?

Once you have brought awareness to your present state of thought currency and what you are reinforcing in your life right now, you can take choose to replace limiting beliefs with empowering beliefs and positive action.

Skill sets for receiving more

Set the intention for what you do want to show up in your life. You set it in motion with three simple tools: your own thoughts, words and actions, in the moment, and every moment. Decide to speak only about what you want and not about what you don’t want.

Take the focus off your perceived deficiencies and instead choose thoughts of gratitude and deep appreciation for what you do have right now. It could be as simple as appreciating the steam rising off a hot cup of coffee, or your health and the ability of your body to breathe, think and feel. It could be ticking off in your head the things you did achieve or receive for the day.

Practise switching every negative thought that arises with gratitude – or a simple positive affirmation – for a full 24 hours. Keep practising raising your vibration. In no time at all, you will begin to feel the positive response within your body. As you keep focussing at a higher level of positive thought, so your external vibration will increase too and your shift will begin to accelerate, physically attracting more positive energy around you, so that new things can show up in your life.

Shifting negative patterns of the past will take a conscious focus on changing your beliefs and thought patterns in the moment and every moment. Realise that today, and this moment is the only moment that really counts. You need to be present and open to life’s creative flow in order to receive it fully.

Next, create your shopping list of things that will invite abundance into your life. Perhaps you need a new car. Place your order out into the universe: Decide on the model that would best suit your current lifestyle and make a list of things it needs to have, such as good road holding, low fuel consumption, a large trunk for your sports gear, electric windows etc. Decide on the colour. Where will you park it? Look online for pricing but don’t have an attachment to the amount, simply observe its worldly value without thoughts about how you can or can’t afford it. Remember, you are leaving the details up to the universe. You can do this with anything you want more of, whether it is a new job, a holiday, more family time, a loving partner or a healthy body. Create the picture and place yourself in it.

Lastly, and perhaps the one that trips us up the most is that you must believe in your heart that you deserve it.  Spend as much time as you can imagining it is true and that it has already happened.  See yourself as the proud owner of that car, imagine your day getting in and out of that car, putting the key in your pocket, and having friends and neighbours admire it. See yourself smiling proudly and speaking with gratitude about its road holding and spaciousness. Don’t be attached to when it will happen, simply believe it is going to happen because you deserve it and leave the details up to the Universe to find the way.

Any doubts or worry about not receiving your dream car will stop the flow. Catch your self-sabotage as it happens and immediately replace it with an empowering thought or spoken affirmation. Reinforce your new reality with pictures placed around your home or reminders on your bathroom mirror.

We all have unlimited access to the abundance of Universe, in order for it to flow into our lives we need to stand present in the action of self-love and the self-discipline of positive thoughts in order to  open ourselves up to receive it. The only true measure of wealth is the abundance we think and feel. Abundance is the connection to our own divinity within and not the material world we see outside of ourselves. Like anything, it requires focus and practise in order to tap into it.

Since prosperity is a way of thinking and living, ask yourself how rich you are today, in this moment. What does your bank balance say about you right now? Are you ready to change those thoughts about it?

Mercedes Westbrook is a writer, editor and content creator. Visit to view her profile or to request a quotation of her services emcompassing any and all forms of content creation, media relations and publicity.

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