Designer lifestyle with ‘priceless’ 180-degree views of Hout Bay and Chapman’s Peak in Cape Town, South Africa.

Erf size:                      897.28m2
Ground floor:             122.80m2
First floor:                  125.20m2
Mezzanine Level:     49.40m2
Balconies:                 24.00m2

With priceless 180-degree views across Hout Bay of one of the most spectacular marine drives in the world, Chapman’s Peak Drive, this designer home is now available for sale on the private property market.

Commanding attention from its front row position in Hout Bay Heights overlooking the Bay’s private Yacht Club, popular Bay Harbour Market and vibrant fishermen’s wharf, its three-story elevation is a marvel of expansive space which stretches across three levels of floor to ceiling glass.

Designed and built just four years ago, it stands as homage to owner Dieter Losskarn’s passion for German precision, sleek lines and superlative lifestyle living.

Architecturally exact, Bay Harbour House maintains a light-steel ‘bone’ structure complete with exposed ceilings which anchor a ‘rib cage’ of steel lines as an interior design feature. The intention is a replica of a classic luxury car showroom, mirrored by smooth polyurethane floors and vast silent sliding steel-framed doors and windows.

Bay Harbour House is open plan living at its finest, whether you are looking for a home filled with space and light or a space to fill with a commercial business or retail brand.

Grand ground floor welcome

Its impressive entrance gate set on the lip of the property features a sweeping exposed aggregate driveway which mirrors the surrounding granite as it descends the incline into the ground floor triple-size garage.

The ‘garage’ space with its high gloss polyurethane floor and uniformly spaced windows at both seated and standing eye-level towards the panorama of mountains and secluded bay is an exact replica of all the lines and finishes rendered throughout this three-story home.

Its three en-suite bedrooms each command one entire level of their own and feature signature wrap around windows. A high-tech lit stairwell leads up to the second floor, where a 7-metre high ceiling comes into play across on expanse of dining room, fireplace, kitchen, pantry, guest bathroom, the second bedroom en-suite and a stainless steel encased veranda.

Double story Majesty

Step out onto the balcony and a fresh breeze rushes to meet you as you take in a visual cocktail from the Noordhoek side of Chapman Peak Drive and visitor’s lookout point across the sweep of the Hout Bay harbor, beach, Hout Bay village and into the lush hips of the Constantia valley and Kirstenbosch Gardens just beyond the lip.

In the bathrooms, expect heat treated metal doors, metallic silver mosaic bathroom tiles and European interior fittings as well as steampunk style exposed copper fittings and a modern double-volume copper bath in the main bedroom overlooking its own Romeo and Juliet verandah.

The Third floors Eagle’s eye

The third floor is dedicated to the main bedroom, with a separate alcove shower, enclosed toilet and a study area overlooking the second floor below with its own row of elevated windows with views onto the mountain range above Hout Bay.

With imminent fully development of the harbor and developments already underway, Bay Harbour Houses’ sweeping views are assured since there is no available land to build in front and the neighbouring mountainside is already claimed by a Russian business man continuing development of the renowned Lichtenstein Castle and surrounds.


  • Ground floor private entrance
  • 1st Floor Entrance via a suspended walkway to front door.
  • 3 bedrooms 4 bathrooms
  • Dining room with double volume
  • Kitchen with separate pantry
  • Living room with double volume, wood fireplace with double volume
  • Study area
  • Double showroom garage
  • Laundry and scullery
  • 24-hour manned security with alarm, electronic beams and intercom

Love this property? View by appointment: Call Mercédes Westbrook on C: +27 789707633 or E:

About Hout Bay:
Hout Bay, or the Republic of Hout Bay as it is affectionately known by locals, is a fantastic Atlantic seaboard beach lifestyle neighbourhood in Cape Town that offers something for everyone, any day of the week. Just +- 20kms (around 30 minutes) from Cape Town’s CBD it is just around the corner from Llundudno and Camp’s Bay offering less tourist traffic and more equitable property prices.

Hout Bay nestles between the mountain, valley and sea with a community focus on its bustling harbor, horse farms, international schools, hiking trails and sea sport activities and trendy restaurants and art galleries.

Hout Bay is well known for its vibrant Bay Harbour Market, Chapman’s Peak Hotel, the five-star Tintswalo Atlantic and the world-famous Chapman’s Peak Drive, its yachting marine, fishing and boat trips to Duiker (Seal) Island.

Hout Bay is so called by the Dutch meaning Bay of Wood, when passing ships would repair and build their wooden vessels from the thickly-forested mountain slopes which also offered a good water supply.

The area was originally made up of two farms, which were slowly subdivided to make way for urban expansion. While still maintaining its rural atmosphere, the area of Hout Bay is home to about 12,000 residences inhabited by a population of about 42,000 people.

Land-Sharking it with the Not-So-New Volvo V70

Land-Sharking it with the Not-So-New Volvo V70

A tongue-in-cheek car review by a single soccer-surf-and-school mom living in Cape Town, South Africa about her Not-Packing-It-In-Just-Yet Volvo V70 and some of the things you might remember yourself while growing up by the sea…

According to Wikipedia I’m driving an executive car’ manufactured and marketed by Volvo between 1996 and 2016 and spanning three re-modeled generations; mine being the first…

It’s good to be first in something and I’m happy my silver-slim 2012 Volvo chassis – referred to as ‘land-shark’ by a surfer-dude friend – is the first-shape model. I might have been able to say a semi-topless one too, if my sunroof motor wasn’t jammed shut by years of collected dust from off-roading in Paternoster up the West Coast.

Ground-up and still driving…

From my driver on-the-ground perspective it’s been a personal journey driving her, one emboldened by all the action three teenagers bring to the mix, together with three generations of smelly sports socks which love to gravitate to its darkest corners.

Add our two bull terrier dogs to the shambolic pile and the Volvo V70 is a groundbreaking legacy of endurance on the road and off… Off-road referring to that one time my eldest son was practicing his reverse take off on our dirt driveway when we rented a precarious three-story wooden house in Scarborough. Precarious for a number of unorthodox reasons, but that’s another story for another day.

Hold the Flashing Lights, Please

According to the multiple AirBnB guests of international flavor who have rented the ‘sea-view room with a King-sized bed’ on its second floor, my Volvo was the car of choice for the roving traffic police of Sweden confirmed by John Neff’s AutoBlog article of Aug 2007 and the updated Volvo version by cops in England announced by Simona’s Top Speed article from Sept 2007.

The first time this news was relayed to me, I noticed a distant expression on my AirBnB guest’s face as he was transported back to another time and place. His body language a mix of surprise at seeing it in-situ in South Africa and one of ‘I’m keeping-myself at a distance’ which spoke of some history back there.

Accelerating along the coastal byways of the sunny southern Cape peninsula on my daily school run between Scarborough and Kommetjie, my Swedish guest’s expression brought to my mind an image of stealth cops lurking in the damp shadows, waiting to run speedsters down in dramatic wheel-spinning car chases through chilly forests in small towns where everyone is stern; either from the cold or the gravity of the consequences of breaking the law.

A squealing wheel spin up a near vertical mountain driveway and my three-month lapsed car license is the furthest I’ve come to breaking the law in my Volvo, but then it was that period over December when time just seems to speed by while feeling festive, especially in a trusty, seal-of-police-approval Volvo V70.

Saloon with a View

It’s hard to tell how the Volvo handles in bumper-to-bumper traffic really because my route takes me along open mountain roads edged by towering rocks and sea. The views are spectacular even for those packed into the load section at the back.

Visuals of the day’s surf are as breathtaking as the only other traffic witnessed on the road… once a squashed porcupine with his needles patterning the road; and the various other school moms with teenagers as tardy as mine, all trying to beat the clock around the snaking bends for that ‘one teacher’ who stands at the school entrance checking uniforms and giving detentions to late-comers. One whose glower makes the mom’s feel just as bad at parenting as the kids at ‘keeping it together’.

One could say that we live in a modern ‘hippy’ community. I try to blend in a bit by covering the Volvo’s rear end with surf and AfrikaBurn stickers but it doesn’t fool the Waldorf mom’s whose cars carry tell-tale rust designs and more leisurely speeds with their later school start.

Wrestling in a Second Life

I admit to a deep affection for my Volvo’s sleek lines reminiscent of a silver bullet at times. I first spotted her from the road, quietly and elegantly parked in a slot of a second-hand car salesman’s yard.

A ‘car-fundi’ friend had agreed to come along and help me choose a ‘new’ car and we were traversing the Main Road of Wynberg’s used car sales gauntlet, with Google firmly in hand, to compare where we might be getting ripped off.

While my car-fundi friend was poking and prodding other middle-of-the-road options suitable for a trade-in in our third lot of the day, I quietly went over and said, “What about this one?”

Bearing right and then left, at speed, around my first traffic turning circle on the initial test drive – guru-friend’s increasingly positive comments confirmed my intuition. I had picked ‘the one’ or it had picked me.

The lovely gloss and re-coaxed carpet plush rendered by the efforts of the gang of car wash attendants at the back of the car lot didn’t last long… but it made me feel special for a while.

Absconding the Big City Lights

The Volvo’s lush interior, sound system, leather seats and air-conditioning were a huge step up from the two door Corsa gifted to me by my brother during my flight from a messy Joburg divorce which had left us stranded and Car-loss by a divorce debacle of epic proportions which included pregnant girlfriend’s and Sheriffs of the Court repossessing my top-of-the-line Landrover Discovery (with all the bells and whistles)… but that’s an another-another story to be told, or maybe a book one day.

The shiny-silver cash-payment Volvo V70 was our first ‘new-life-new-home’ car that was going to feature CT license plates… we were now officially Capetonians!

Bring on the Dead, For Now We Are Living

The most amazing thing about the Volvo is its anyone’s car or rather a car to suit anyone, quite literally through all stages of life.

We’ve fitted multiple surfboards, boogie boards and seal-slick wetsuit clad boys in the back. Leave the hatch open while they perch on the back ledge between sea and the short trip home and they get to enjoy a view of Kings as the road disappears underneath them while they pummel-stone their wrinkled, wet sea feet on the hard tarmac below.

I once taxied a bevy of celebrating 12-yr olds to an ice-skating party at GrandWest. While sourly tested, the suspension and the speakers stood up to the bouncing and singing in tune to the latest pop songs, creating parallel media attention from other cars at traffic lights along the way.

And yes, in Africa, I’ve seen it in commercial use as a hearse. You can fit a six-foot coffin in the back of the Volvo V70. Tint its windows, add some white satin plush and I could be in business.

Luckily, we’re still in the business of living and it’s long boot is perfect for all manner of outdoorsy persons. Lacking a bike rack, we once fitted three mountain bikes and four persons in on the way to the Silvermine Arboretum starting at the top of Ou Kaapse Weg. It’s also fit three supine sleeping adults in the back when rain unexpectedly came down overnight during a weekend festival camping trip.

Friendly-Styled Endurance for The People By the People

The Volvo’s paint job is silver two-toned courtesy of her curb-side parking spot. That of ‘still-intact’ and ‘scoured-silver’ from the beating it takes from the hot sun, the renowned Southeaster and the luxury of outdoor beach living.

The air-con, while gassed, just stopped working one day. Instead, we enjoy daily doses of fresh sea air off of Long Beach. Closer to Longbeach Mall our open windows encourage friendly banter with the familiar faces of the Homeless Talk vendors who work their magazine sales into my monthly budgetary swings as adeptly as I do.

My current mileage is 254 321 km and climbing and I carry my own 5 litre oil can in the storage in the back. We’ve had some adventures for sure, but she’s pulled through ongoing petrol leaks, scraping brake pads, flat battery’s and rocket-red temperatures.

As a single mom having a flat tyre in the friendly Southern Suburbs you are almost guaranteed a good road Samaritan. I once had three kind gentlemen stop one school run morning, which included a passing cyclist, another motorist and a walking pedestrian. They were so helpful that I had to step in with a little delegating with regards who did what, when, while factoring in their different time schedules. The last guy, who clearly didn’t have a job to go to, got the most rewards for his road angel assistance, I guess that’s life – sometimes you give and sometimes you receive and hardly ever in reciprocal sequence.

With Respect, Volvo

Today, I ensure I back up our road travels with a trusty membership to the Automobile Association (AA) – something every single woman should have. And accolades must go to our local mechanic and Volvo specialist Nivan at @maistrymotorsport. He tells me my electronics are shot but always manages to look happy to see me.

I hope to pass my trusty Volvo steed onto my eldest son one day for surf trips with his buddies up the Garden Route, although I’m not quite ready to part with her because she’s fully paid off and I’m saving tons of money on driving a car that’s all mine. Given the choice I would buy another Volvo in a heartbeat, but the question is, should a Mercedes be driving a Volvo… anyone?

Firehorse Media is a South African communications and PR consultancy owned and managed by Mercedes Westbrook, whose career as a journalist, editor, managing editor and independant communications consultant spans 22 years experience in the print and digital media industry. Email her on or C:+27 789707633.

What is a press embargo and is it still significant?

What is a press embargo and is it still significant?

With information on social media able to travel around the globe at near speed of light, media ‘rules’ such as news embargoes are a little retro in what is now a disrupted information space.

Traditionally, a press release or information regarding a newsworthy event might be embargoed, meaning that while the information has been shared with a specific audience, it is prohibited from being released to the public or widely disseminated in any way until the specified date.

Hear something juicy by word of mouth these days and its almost guarantee that everyone and their Auntie Dorothy has already shared it across at least one media channel.  Rapid information sharing has never been so easy by so many people, which raises the stakes for embargoed news.

When old news is good news

An example of embargoed news might be as follows; imagine John Lennon was still alive and after much negotiation with the promoters, a large venue had secured a booking for the musician to perform a concert.

Once the deal had been confirmed, both the promoter and the venue would share the news to a group of contractors, suppliers and local media in order to co-ordinate plans in preparation for the public announcement of the imminent event.

Marketing materials would have to be written, approved, signed off and printed according to strict marketing protocols. Box offices would need to prepare their ticket booking calendars and have the listing uploaded. Hotel accommodation would need to be booked. Advertising space across a variety of daily, weekly and monthly publications would need to be secured and key media informed so they could schedule the news into their publishing calendars and have adequate time to gather additional background news about the artist to prepare accurate or in-depth news features and interviews.

This would be when a press release would be sent with an embargo informing the recipients of the event but stating upfront that they would only be able to share the news on a specified date.

An embargo is usually agreed between both parties – the side announcing the news and the side receiving it. Should the embargo be breached – perhaps by a gossip columnist looking for a scoop or an editorial intern unaware of the meaning of an embargo, it can have serious repercussions for all involved but especially regarding the legal agreements between the promoter and the venue, as well as the reputation of the publication or media title.

Additional industries such as government communications, the health industry and scientific news sources may also make use of embargoed news.

Quoting ‘Off the Record’ does not guarantee anonymity

Just as there is a source to every river that flows to the sea, shared information has a way of finding itself back to the creator and it pays to only ever share information that is accurate, factual and which represents integrity of knowledge.

It still amazes me how often I hear client revealing information about their company or personal life with a throw-away line about ‘this part being off the record’ when being interviewed by the press.

You are never off the record whether you are speaking to an editor or journalist – or your best friend – and should only share information with the knowledge that it immediately becomes public knowledge the minute it leaves your mouth.

In the same way, unless a publicist has a firm business agreement in place with the media outlet, sending out a media release with an embargoed date does not ensure your request will be followed.




5 Reasons Why You Should Book a 5-Star Mobile Safari in South Africa

5 Reasons Why You Should Book a 5-Star Mobile Safari in South Africa

How do you experience five star luxury when on a mobile tented safari in the African bushveld?

It’s a matter of simply deciding which pristine natural wildlife reserve or Big 5 game region you would like to experience and leave the finer 5-star details to your hosts.

As the only 5-star rated mobile safari outfitter on the continent – and a World Travel Awards winner as the World’s Best Glamping Operator, Hayward Safaris has been taking big-group corporate incentive teams, royalty and Hollywood celebrities on safari for 25 years.

You can be forgiven if, like one or two safari-virgin guests, you are initially wary of what some might perceive as ‘ bush camping’. This perception always evaporates into open blue skies as soon as you are welcomed into camp.

What sets Hayward Safaris apart as the best safari experience in Africa?

We bring you five star reasons that will have you tracing in the footsteps of some of the most renown adventurers on the continent whilst being hosted in complete comfort and style, as your senses take in all the colour, vibrancy and excitement Africa has to offer.

Firstly, what is 5-star in South Africa?

A five-star rating assures you your experience is outstanding. South Africa’s star system is an internationally recognised system of quality assurance evaluated by the Tourism Grading Council of South Africa. Five stars is the best possible quality experience you can receive in the country. According to the TGCSA, your safari is a top notch, first class safari – and Haywards Safaris is the only mobile safari outfitter to hold a 5-star lodge rating.

The Tourism Grading Council applies strict internationally acknowledged criteria to its grading process and is known as a world leader in this industry. With a single glance at the star rating, international visitors can recognise world-class quality and service excellence.

“When we promote our five star graded mobile safaris to event professionals and international meetings, incentive, conference and exhibition (MICE) agents, we are helping South Africa achieve the highest level of quality assurance which improves the country’s competition edge globally,” says Owner and Adventure Extraordinaire Peter Hayward.

“Our five -star rating assures international guests that they are receiving the optimal value for their money and give the customer expectation the paramount position it deserves. We are passionate about South Africa and want to show all it has to offer. We can only offer a complete experience if every detail of a guest’s safari event or expedition is delivered to the highest standards of service.”

What sets Haywards apart from other safari experiences?

“We are a big group mobile safari outfitter which caters to between 40 and 200 guests either for a corporate events, product launches, safari destination weddings or exclusive private safaris. Our first question to you is, we have a 5-star safari camp, where would you like it?”


The Hayward’s 5-star experience is not accessible to just anyone. Haywards doesn’t do FIT or single tourist bookings. A mobile 5-star camp is an exclusive venue set up in remote areas for large synergistic groups. It provides an exclusive and secluded private event experience in some of the most remote and pristine nature environments to be found in the world.

Each experience is rooted in the positioning of the mobile camp and your bespoke access to the extravagance of Nature herself.

A mobile safari takes you out of the four walls of a traditional safari lodge and brings you into direct commune with your environment where you wake, sleep, partake in walking safaris, game view the Big 5 in private reserves where there are no other vehicles to be seen in your photo frame. Experience night drives, game tracking and wildlife tagging, sunset cruises, and engagement with rural communities who offer a glimpse into the vast wisdom of their heritage.

A Hayward’s Safari is hands-on and tangible and reminds you of your earliest origins.

For those who don’t want to waste time or budget on complicated logistics or the hassle of travelling long distance to Big 5 safari destinations in long-haul regional destinations  such as Mpumalanga, Namibia, or East Africa, Haywards Safari Headquarters offers a Big 5 camp location set within a private section of the Dinokeng Wildlife Reserve, just an hour’s drive from Johannesburg International Airport and offers a safari experience that surpasses the Kruger in intimate safari encounters. .

Each group safari experience is distinct to the other. This is because each group is offered a bespoke event orchestrated from the start to meet the client’s specific requirements. In preparation for your arrival, Haywards have ordered and stocked your hand-picked wine list, your imported whiskies, brandies and cigars.

Each evening is themed specific to the aspects particular to your event and daily activities and entertainment proceeds according to your preset travel programme.

The South African Corporate experience should be at home

With strong international safari aspiration, many of the Hayward’s mobile safaris are  booked by international agents for global corporate conglomerates.

“We would like to see more incentive professionals keeping our blue-chip corporate incentive groups based here in South Africa. We have an internationally recognized incentive and event offering which helps us to support our growing tourism economy in South Africa.

Instead of sending corporate travel budgets and event funding over-border to Mauritius, for example, we ask event professionals to consider our own exclusive incentive offerings. Many South Africans already vacation in Mauritius and it’s an experience they can book themselves on their own budget.

“We are a world class experience as evidenced by the guests we have hosted over the years and South Africans should have the opportunity of experiencing it too.

While we do offer very exclusive mobile lodges in the Kruger National Park, it is a completely private experience where you won’t see another vehicle or group as you are hosted in an exclusive area set aside just for you. The same goes for the Okavango Delta, the Cradle of Humankind or a private safari in the iSimangaliso World Heritage Site where we offer a Big 6 elite service and adventure experience that is totally intimate and private.

Where does South Africa’s service standards play a part?

The only way to understand the level of safari service offering is to visit the Hayward’s client feedback page on their website. Every safari event is rated personally by individual guests over a 10 point service offering. Feedback is examined and anything below 9.5 out of ten points is given in-depth attention.

As a five-star offering the Haywards mobile safari camp is complete with a butler service there to prepare hot water for your en suite bathroom, a turn down service, escort you to the dining tents and bring you morning coffee and biscuits. Not just the butlers however, the entire staff crew are there to know the guest’s names, anticipate their needs, share information and advice and provide a bespoke and personalized service through attention to detail.

Your luxury accommodation features the sophistication of king-size beds, extra seating, Africology skin and bath products and detailing which is carried through to the luxury Spa, private Club lounge and gourmet 18-course dining events rendered with extravagant white nights décor and entertainment typical of safari trader experiences of days past.

“We have never received a rating below 9.5,” says Hayward, “We proudly claim to be extraordinary in every manner. I have never missed a single safari event since our inception.

“This is not a helicopter-style management camp. My team is a professional core outfit of game rangers, guides, highly trained, armed and experienced in working in the bush and there to protect lives. In camp we have private housekeepers, butlers, chefs and silver service waiters on 24-hours attendance necessary on safari; if you’ve never seen a herd of elephant walking through camp it can be quite staggering especially if you come from Europe or the US.

“We only work with the industry’s best and most renowned scientists and astrologers, entertainers and event professionals, and we have even had the privilege of staging the Dire Straits rock band who played for a private clients 60th birthday party.

The niche mobile 5-star safari differentiation

Responsible tourism makes up a large part of Hayward Safaris offering as well as its eco and conservation focused accomplishments.

A big group Sacred Safari is a high-end safari camp which is based within local communities and generates funds for future community empowerment and education within a conservation mindset. Each safari groups participation contributes significantly to the areas visited, within schedules, special programmes and projects.

The conservation of the land through a ‘leave no trace’ principle, together with heritage tourism initiatives and Haywards own corporate social investment arm Celia in Africa is what underpins the mobile safari, while maintaining a sustainable tourism business offering for the international market.

“Each safari event or expedition in South Africa, or in any of the other country destinations we visit is backed by our five star grading imperative which provides a real partnership for quality and one that unlocks business growth and contributes in growing South Africa as a competitive global destination,” confirms Hayward.

Put on your pith helmet and get set to safari – and if you don’t have one, Haywards has one for you so you can immerse yourself in your once-in-a-lifetime romantic Out of Africa style safari escape.

About the Tourism Grading Council of South Africa:
The TGCSA was established in 2002 and operates as a business unit of South African Tourism  and is the only officially recognised quality assurance body for tourism products in South Africa. Visit www for more.

About Haywards Grand Safari Company:
Haywards Grand Safari Company provides private groups of 40 to 200 VIP guests with an authentic 5-star mobile tented safari camp experience in pristine wilderness reserves across the African continent. Each bespoke luxury camp guarantees clients total event exclusivity and superior guest comfort.
Rated as the only 5-star mobile Safari in Africa, hosts Peter Hayward and Celia du Preez, are appointed by leading multinational blue-chip companies, royal contingents, presidents and renown celebrities alike for their award-winning brand launches, internationally acclaimed celebrations, weddings and superior conferences and events, ensuring Hayward
s remains the epitome in authentic, Out of Africa style and luxury.
With headquarters based on a 2 500-acre private game reserve north East of Pretoria in the all new Dinokeng Region of the Gauteng Province South Africa, Hayward
s have been creating once-in-a-lifetime memories for global clients for well over 20 years.


Private House Sale: Buy the finest view in Hout Bay

Private House Sale: Buy the finest view in Hout Bay

 A luxury home? An art collector’s gallery? Or a Castle of Views in one of the finest positions to take in the beauty of Chapman’s Peak on Cape Town’s internationally sought-after Atlantic Seaboard coastline? We’ll let you decide… Private viewing to purchase by appointment below.

With priceless 180-degree views across the Bay of the most famous tourist attraction in Cape Town – Chapman’s Peak Drive look out point – this designer Hout Bay home, built by German travel author and international lifestyle personality Dieter Losskarn, is now available for sale on the private property market.


Commanding attention from its front row position in Hout Bay Heights overlooking the Bay’s private Yacht Club, popular Bay Harbour Market and vibrant fishermen’s wharf, its three-story elevation is a marvel of expansive space which stretches across three levels of floor to ceiling windows.

Designed and built by owner Dieter Losskarn, just four years ago, it stands as homage to his passion for German precision, sleek lines and superlative lifestyle living. Having travelled the world in his pursuit of a lifelong passion for fast and rare cars, Dieter Losskarn chose South Africa’s freestyle living as his home over 25 years ago.

Bay Harbour House is his fourth designer home in the country, and third home he has dreamt, designed and brought to life from a ground up vision. It’s no surprise he is a celebrated figure in Cape Town’s society circles with a life lived without template, where days are filled with fine dining, fine destinations and fine… well everything actually.



Architecturally exact, Bay Harbour House maintains a light-steel ‘bone’ structure complete with exposed ceilings which anchors a ‘rib cage’ of steel lines as an interior design feature. The intention is a replica of a classic luxury car showroom, mirrored by smooth polyurethane floors and vast silent sliding steel-framed doors and windows. Offering character all its own, there’s no showmanship, rather a call for simple elegance as a backdrop for his particular passion… cars, bikes, luxury classics and vintage memorabilia.


Bay Harbour House is open plan living at its finest, and its expansiveness begins the moment you find yourself idling on the crest of the driveway as the gate quietly slides open; the yellow-flowering devil thorn trees parallel to the perimeter wall there to witness your first ‘oh wow’ moment of taking in the Bay and sheltering mountains. This is a panorama offering the first of many such views to reveal themselves on your tour, with all the drama of a theatre’s red velvet curtain being drawn across the stage on the Greatest Show on Earth… one in the panorama of Hout Bay, that is.



The exposed aggregate driveway mirroring the look of the surrounding granite descends the incline and sweeps right into the ground floor garage…  ‘garage’ being a largely irrelevant term in its usual sense of the word. Here, one conjures five-star gallery space with private dining areas to be more apt… unless you’re a petrol head that is, but you better be a Mercedes Benz or Porsche driver if you want to give this ‘garage’ any credit.


Its high gloss polyurethane floor and uniformly spaced windows at both seated and standing eye-level provide the second ‘oh wow’ moment as you rip your gaze away from the polished luxury cars parked there to that mesmerizing and highly addictive view. Against the opposite wall are two separate alcoves, one serving as the Losskarn laundry and the other housing an overflow of vintage enamel signs which didn’t make it up onto the gallery-style walls upstairs.

Exit through the orange and black hazard-framed interior garage door and you enter the entrance hall featuring the first of two front doors to Bay Harbour House. One, being located at ground floor and serving as the main access to the first of the houses’ three en suite bedrooms with signature wrap around windows; and the ascending stairwell to the second floor, where the second and main front door is accessed from a hanging steel walkway leading from the property’s pedestrian access gate.


Mounting the stairs, bathed in the electric blue LED trim lighting and you’re met with the entire length of the home’s façade in picture windows confronting that magnificent view… third strike and the crowning glory of that ‘ow wow’ moment really hits home. The view is simply breathtaking.


Overlooking some much expansive space outside and across the bay to the blue sun-tipped mountains, it’s here the 7 metre high ceiling comes into play, providing as much space-play above and around your head as that offered by sea and mountains outside… it’s a surreal feeling of floating on a seascape of beauty.


The second-floor expanse is broken only by the stairwell opening you’ve just ascended, and the floor to ceiling fireplace which anchors the living room, dining area and kitchen where Dieter Losskarn’s hobby blends old with new. It’s a blank canvas waiting to be a Sistine Chapel ceiling.


Heat treated metal doors, metallic silver mosaic bathroom tiles and European interior fittings throughout the house reflect and deliver Dieter Losskarn’s straightforward luxury ascetic that speaks of focused intention rather than frills. It’s a modern interior take on simplicity delivered without slog… there is simply no place for dust to settle, the house offers a pristine backdrop waiting to be filled with the incoming owner’s own personal inspiration in interior intentions or their own classic design collections.


Step out onto the balcony and a fresh breeze rushes to meet you as you take in a visual cocktail from the Noordhoek side of Chapman Peak Drive and lookout point across the sweep of the Hout Bay harbor, beach, and Hout Bay village and into the lush hips of the Constantia valley and Kirstenbosch Gardens just beyond the lip.


The top and third floor in your ascent is dedicated solely to the main bedroom. Offering a separate alcove shower, enclosed toilet opened to its own majestic view and the coup de grace of the ablutions; a free-standing copper bathtub in prime position in front of the sliding doors and bedroom balcony looking out onto ‘that’ view, you reign over ten metres in elevation.


In the bedroom, Dieter Losskarn has filled his man cave with a bespoke petrol-head bed, hand-tooled cupboard constructed and adorned with man-cave emblems and memorabilia from Hollywood film companies and his bespoke writing desk which takes pride of place in his office facing Chapman’s Peak drive that if you were any closer you would be looking eye to eye with hikers traversing its jagged peaks. Across the bay however, the only thing you might see are the occasional vehicle headlights and Tintswalo’s private beach lights come on as a summer dusk falls like a velvet mantle on this piece of Cape Town heaven.



There is no For Sale sign outside Bay Harbour House, neighbored by a church, an upmarket Guest House and an adjacent empty plot (the last one with a view!) waiting for a sharp-eyed business man wanting to make the most of its prime positioning. For those interested in the property for commercial use and the imminent development of the harbor, rest assured, no one else may build in front of your view and the rest of the mountainside is already claimed by a Russian business man continuing development of the renowned Lichtenstein Castle and surrounds.


Viewing by appointment: Mercédes Westbrook on C: +27 789707633 or E:












My dinner date at BOCCA, the Italian word for ‘mouth’ taught me two things: don’t be late for a German appointment and BOCCA proprietors Guido and Adnana Brambilla mean to tantalise every single one of the
10 000 taste buds in your mouth.

Find BOCCA at the junction of Bree and Wale street in Cape Town’s trendy CBD just a short stroll up from the V&A Waterfront to share in romantic sunset dinners, family-gathering celebrations, or if you are one of the city’s many singular tech-head imports needing a shot of divine sustenance during one of your coding marathons… we saw all three varieties of patrons there on its split-level interior where the focus is firmly on fine food creation rather than just fancy interiors.


Once you’ve dived into your first urban Italian cuisine experience offered up by maestro chef Guido, you will be loudly joining the buzzing fray as people revel in its flavour sensations offered up in a snappy array of sublime food, conversation and laughter .

BOCCA has an Italian calling for inspiring a food celebration, as only the Italians know how, delivered to your private table. It’s a recipe for never leaving and always returning. As petite hostess Adnana says “You can come by yourself and sit at the counter for a glass of wine and a few small plates or arrive as a group and experience a selection of dishes. It’s really a place for people to connect over food.”


There by invitation of a local foodie friend, my dinner partner and I were served a special BOCCA chef’s table, with each dish accompanied by detailed explanations from master chef Guido, so I benefited from an Italian lesson in the finer details of the variety and preparation of our particular dishes.

Putting his new menu into context, Guido says: “It’s all about uncomplicated Italian flavours, the kind you would enjoy if you were invited for dinner in an Italian household.”

We felt right at home at BOCCA with both of us delighting in each dishes unique sampling.

Guido and Adnana are particularly intent on sourcing the best local ingredients for their menu at BOCCA, adding their Italian flair to locally sourced South African products which they acknowledge as being of top-notch quality.

The local Stracciatella with roasted cherry tomatoes and confit eggplant was a first for me and I nearly swooned. Rich, creamy and almost the consistency of thick yoghurt, I was in heaven. The Polpo of Atlantic octopus with potatoes and basil pesto – a classic Mediterranean-inspired BOCCA dish was as breath-taking.

The star of the show for me however was the Polpettine; interesting for someone who ricochets between thoughts of turning vegetarian and eating all the crackling off the roast pork. Polpettine is a finely ground meatball of beef, pork and lamb to be dipped into a fresh ‘mayo verde’. Each bite is a series of new tastes unfolding one on top of the other and I couldn’t stop going back for more, nicking more than my fair share of it.

Before the arrival of the Brambilla’s, BOCCA was famous for its pizza and nothing has changed. With their imported Acunto oven – which cooks pizzas in 90 seconds, at temperatures topping 450°F – the dough sees a process of slow fermentation before being thrown by hand and pushed into its fiery heat.

The latest member of the BOCCA pizza family is their little PIZZETTE which is rolled smaller – about 16cm across – than a traditional pizza, and which means you can enjoy your favourite pizza flavours while still having space to try a variety of other new dishes served at the table.

We shared the Amatriciana with smoked cheeks of pork and pecorino on a puffy yet crisp base which was so ridiculously delicious it’s hard to view it as mere pizza – at least the takeaway sort of pizza I have previously come to know.


Not being a sweet tooth, I decided to forgo dessert for another glass of Sauvignon Blanc complements of Cape Town’s accessible Uber services but my dinner partner absolutely raved about the Tiramisu with Mascarpone Cream, declaring it the best he has ever tasted; high praise indeed with my own odious time-keeping long forgotten after a bacchanal of such fine fare.

Even as the happy last patron leaves BOCCA and midnight prepares to settle over the city, Guido is setting the next day’s fare in motion, placing his larger cuts of beef, lamb, poultry and port into the heat of the pizza oven for gentle slow roasting in preparation to start another staple Italian day in the kitchen.

Expect the menu of this upscale eatery to change four times a year as Guido works the South African seasons with his own brand of passion, dedication and hands-on approach extended with authentic Italian hospitality for every and all types of diners through their welcoming BOCCA doorway. It’s a guaranteed to be mouth-watering with the perfect selection of small plates ideal for sharing.

BOCCA is open for lunch and dinner from Monday to Saturday from noon until 22h00 with last orders are taken at 21h30. Visit their website at

Connect with Guido and Adnana Brambilla’s BOCCA on social media via @BoccaCT on Twitter; @boccaCT on Facebook; and bocca_ct on Instagram

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