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What’s in a Brand?

Brand is made up of quality and service.  The logo is the image of the brand, and people remember it through the experience your business delivered. Your brand is your reputation --  the most valuable thing you possess. A strong brand and the trust it engenders are...

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The Logistics of Language

With 11 official languages in South Africa, we live in a culturally diverse society and when you need help, you need help… I confess. I have never had ability with languages. I struggled with Afrikaans at school and nearly lost my University exemption to it, only to...

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Gain more profit with CRM strategy

In order to gain the most profitability from your customer base, you will need to drill down into each client’s portfolio and deliver on a well-defined service and product strategy Many companies today still approach their client base with a ‘one size fits all’...

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SA e-commerce reaches tipping point

As South African e-commerce gains momentum, retailers can expand their reach significantly by adding online and mobile channels. According to a 2012 report by technology research company World Wide Worx (WWW), e-commerce growth is accelerating. The study predicts that...

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