E-learning Tools: Anywhere Anytime

E-learning Tools: Anywhere Anytime

E-learning makes educational content available electronically, free from language, literacy, and social constraints.

In the current economic climate, many businesses find themselves having to cut training costs, however companies can save up to 70% on training costs if they consider the opportunity of e-learning to up skill their workforce.

E-learning refers to any form of electronic learning or teaching. Designed to be interactive and to incorporate quizzes, games and video to enhance learning, learner material is provided through film, animation, learning games or learning mobile applications, depending on which is the best solution for the intended audience, delivering  “what is needed, when it is needed”, aligning training with the company’s business goals and objectives.

E-learning classes tend to be up to 50% shorter in duration than traditional classes and, according to certifyme.net, retention of information is increased by up to 60%. This contributes to increased productivity, which in turn adds to further cost savings.

Being highly accessible, e-learning means that trainees can use it just about anywhere, at any time, on any device and it is intended to remove the focus from the trainer and transfer it onto the student, who is able to assess his or her own development, as they progress with the course. Question types, time limits, pass marks and the type of assessment used, are tailored to each unique situation.

Africa has become the most dynamic e-learning market in the world with a 38.6% growth rate of cloud-based e-learning products.  “E-learning is currently a $56.2 billion business globally, and is likely to double in size before 2015 and this is because it works,” says e-learning expert, Kirsty Chadwick, of e-learning design and development company, The Training Room Online, a company which designs and develops tailor-made e-learning material for the corporate, industrial and private sectors.

“Many organisations in Africa who choose e-learning also benefit from the fact that language, literacy and numeracy gaps are overcome by highly visual e-learning material that makes vital training available to all, irrespective of differing education levels.”

“E-learning products are tailor-made to suit the specific needs of the company and more specifically, the learners and include basic computer literacy courses available, which will teach learners anything from turning their computers on, to connecting a printer,” said Chadwick.

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