Its official! Beige underwear is as dead as a Dodo. Our mothers may have been obliged to put up with underwear in three standard shades: beige, black and white but modern trends have propelled underwear onto the colour wheel when it comes to ‘keeping things in place’, thanks to the custom shapewear designs of

Owners Adriana and Maxi are the newest fashion icons creating Amazonezz underwear that is fun, funky and so cheeky you will want him to take a peek!

Amazonezz Shapewear is defined by high quality elastane fabrics and custom colour designs that can be appreciated as outerwear. Its modern corset-style dress features a ‘bodice’ which sit just beneath the breasts (you wear your own bra support) with longer length shoulder straps and adequate length in the leg to reach just below mid-thigh.

The Spring Collection 2019 is defined by turquoise and blue leopard print and other surreal palates and colours in seven size variations of XXS to XXL sizes, all retailing at R1 600 each.

Re-igniting your Passion

Says Creative Director Adriana Holzmann: “I have been wearing shapewear for 15 years and for 10 of those years I searched from Monaco to Majorca, Ibiza to New York to find something more stimulating than beige, standard white or lacy black. When my husband came straight out with it one day that he found my underwear a passion-killer, I decided to do something about it!”

Starting with what she knew about herself as a fulfilled and confident woman and how she liked to look and feel in underwear, Adriana started off with a few tentative drawings. “I had no idea where it was going to lead. I just kept connecting to my passion. It wasn’t until I asked my best friend Maxi, another strong woman, to partner with me that we really ignited our ideas and took our business forward. We work well together as we both bring our own unique set of skills to designing, sourcing, fabric printing, manufacturing and marketing the business.”

Calling on 500 years of proud independence

Explaining the name Amazonezz, Adriana says she has always been intrigued by the 500-year old story of a tribe of women who lived in the Amazon. “They were independent and lived according to their own law; they didn’t need anyone to look after them. Once a month, they would meet and couple with the men but otherwise they would live and hunt only with other women, raising their male children until 4 years of age when they would go and join the men’s quarters. They were so fierce in their independence that they even cut off their right breast so they could take better aim while hunting from horseback.

“I believe that the modern woman needs to take some of that independence and claim her beauty and stature in life. We need to be proud of our bodies and love them exactly how they are. Wearing Amazonezz Shapewear is a bold statement. It says I am not afraid of my curves, I wear them with delight. Our underwear must bring us joy, it must make us feel unafraid and beautiful!”

Designer-quality Underwear

Adriana sources the highest quality fabrics and the manufacturing team at Oggi Cape Town use only the highest quality yarns to give it a quadrupled stitch. “I started the business from scratch according to my own standards of what is ‘best’. This is our first collection with fabric sourced in Spain. We are now busy with our second and third collection and looking at designing shorts as well.

“We are intent on doing something that has never been done before. Each collection will be a stand-alone design with a ‘placement print’ and its own recognizable pattern and colours. Just like Versace, Missoni and Ed Hardy prints, you will be able to recognise Amazonezz lingerie by our custom fabrics, for example, an item might feature a tiger on the stomach or a goat’s head and roses on the small of the back.

We want to bring the entire textile and printing operation to South Africa and keep it local so we can also make Amazonezz Shapeware available to the larger community. Rather than just being a high-end, luxury underwear, we want to create a price point of R800 to R1000 a piece, so everyone can afford a beautiful item of Amazonezz Shapewear.

“I believe being voluptuous is beautiful. For women who feel they are already perfect, Amazonezz Shapewear proves you are worth it, it shapes and tones you even more.”

To help you celebrate your shape, Amazonezz is giving away a 40 ml bottle of Wilderer’s Gin and a voucher with every first purchase of Amazonezz Shapewear.

About Adriana Holzmann
Growing up in East Germany, the Wall came down just right in time for Adriana to conquer the world. Her parent’s plans for her to study medicine in Berlin were quickly exchanged for a career as an estate agent which helped her to fund her travel adventures around the globe. Adriana found her business niche and her husband when she landed and fell in love with South Africa. Passionate about bringing beautiful Shapewear to women everywhere, Adriana is firmly fixed on bucking the beige and setting the trend for outrageously beautiful intimate wear.
She can be contacted on C: 0824933990

About Maxi Huber
Maxi grew up in rural Bavaria overlooking world-famous Lake Chiemsee, in a hotel owned by the family for over 100 years. Hospitality was a natural career progression for her, qualifying as a Chef before the age of 23 years, despite a creative calling for the world of fashion. Her travels brought her to South Africa where she opened Maximilians Restaurant frequented by global food celebrities, and a successful boutique hotel and where her 20-year friendship with Adriana began. As Financial Director, Maxi’s extraordinary past inspires her ambitions to dominate the world so women may wear extraordinary luxury Shapewear every day.
She can be contacted on C: 0836266965

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